Tempo and Balance needles are scientifically proven to be the most painless needles on the market today. Our unique design allows for a painless insertion and continued patient comfort at any needling depth. From design features to quality materials to manufacturing and product testing, Tempo and Balance needles meet and exceed the demanding standards of the modern practitioner.


Free your hands, free your mind – Tempo and Balance needles will set you free! Tempo and Balance are the first ever completely tab-less line of needles on the market. Tired of fumbling with those tiny little tabs? Sick of the sheer waste involved and the environmental impact of poorly designed packaging? With Tempo and Balance needles, you’ll never have to fuss with another tab again. No matter whether you use plastic- handled, pipe-handled, spring-handled, or spiral-and-loop-handled needles, all Tempo and Balance needles are tab-less in design. Ease of use and better environmental impact. Now that’s a win-win proposition!



The graph above shows the amount of force required during insertion (y-axis), while the (x-axis) indicates needle depth. Tempo’s sharper tip and smoother needle shaft has less resistance and requires less force upon insertion leading to a more painless experience for the patient.


Tempo and Balance needles are priced with your pocket book in mind. We understand the needs of modern practitioners to keep costs down. No matter what style or type of needle you want—from our top-flight J & L Type from Tempo, perfect for the most demanding practitioner, to our 1KS bulk packs from Balance, perfect for the community style clinic—our prices beat every competitor’s in every category.